Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Individualized Care

Dr. Pat individualizes therapy within the framework of evidence-based practices but does not operate with a manualized approach. She uses an interpersonal approach with elements of schema, cognitive behavioral and narrative therapies.

Seasoned Practitioner

Dr. Pat has provided and supervised services since 1985 as a graduate of Baylor University. She has experience in veteran mental health,school psychology, substance abuse inpatient & outpatient, family therapy, couples therapy, outpatient mental health, residential treatment, school mental health, trauma recovery and family reunification.

Systems Approach

Children and adults are relational beings, affected by those in their lives, present and past. Dr. Pat helps clients connect current symptoms with past "parallels" and "triggers". She encourages family involvement in therapy. It is important that the activities in session are embraced, practiced, and utilized at home.  


Treatment is a joint venture and we work together to identify goals for change. Therapy is an active process and the client is a full participant. Dr. Pat serves as a "catalyst" of change and facilitates as clients movethrough the stages of change.