Dr. Pat has moved to Texas and is not currently taking new clients. She is working with veterans and contracting with the United Methodist Church as a Ministerial Assessment Specialist. Her latest publication is being released through Routledge/Taylor Francis August, 2018:  Using Stories, Art and Play in Trauma-Informed Treatment: Case Studies and Applications Across the Lifespan. 

Child Treatment: CBT, Storytelling, Play Therapy, Trauma-Informed, Attachment-Focused, Integrative, Family and Parent-Child Therapy, Parent Consultation

Children communicate through metaphor and play at every age and stage. They use expressive art and play for self-representation, communication, and emotional expression. Play and art parallel a child's cognitive, emotional and interpersonal development.  

Problems Addressed include Anxiety, Family Relationship problems, Communication, Self-Control, Depression, Self-Esteem, Loss and Grief, Family Change, OCD Symptoms,Anger-management, Trauma Recovery, and Life Change.

Adult Treatment: CBT, Interpersonal, Cognitive, Attachment-Focused, Integrative, Trauma-Informed, Insight Oriented, Stages of Change, Solution Oriented

Adult clients respond to therapy that is relational in nature, emotion-focused, "brain integrative", psycho-educational and holistic with cognitive components. Therapy is individualized and may incorporate elements of CBT, interpersonal psychotherapy, narrative therapy, metaphorical storytelling, mindfulness,solution oriented therapy, and creative, expressive interventions

Problems Addressed include Trauma Symptoms, Family of Origin issues, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Grief & Loss, Relationship problems, Family problems, Mood-regulation, OCD symptoms, and Life change.