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Contact: Dr. Pat Pernicano, ppshrink@att.net, (502) 649-0697

Appointments upon request

Custody Issues: Dr. Pernicano does not carry out custody evaluations and, unless parental rights are terminated, asks that both parents be involved in treatment. She serves as the child's therapist, not an investigator, and she encourages divorced or separated parents to put the needs of their children first, by being sensitive to the ways in which their behavior, emotions and communications impact their children.  It is very rare that she attends court, as it is very expensive for parents (retainer must be paid in advance) and is an adversarial process for children. Reports and letters are provided upon request (fee basis)  for schools, pediatric providers, and legal matters.

Child Treatment: CBT, Storytelling, Play Therapy, Trauma-Informed, Attachment-Focused, Integrative, Family and Parent-Child Therapy, Parent Consultation

Children communicate through metaphor and play at every age and stage. They use expressive art and play for self-representation, communication, and emotional expression. Play and art parallel a child's cognitive, emotional and interpersonal development.  

Problems Addressed include Anxiety, Family Relationship problems, Communication, Self-Control, Depression, Self-Esteem, Loss and Grief, Family Change, OCD Symptoms,Anger-management, Trauma Recovery, and Life Change.

Adult Treatment: CBT, Interpersonal, Cognitive, Attachment-Focused, Integrative, Trauma-Informed, Insight Oriented, Stages of Change, Solution Oriented

Adult clients respond to therapy that is relational in nature, emotion-focused, "brain integrative", psycho-educational and holistic with cognitive components. Therapy is individualized and may incorporate elements of CBT, interpersonal psychotherapy, narrative therapy, metaphorical storytelling, mindfulness,solution oriented therapy, and creative, expressive interventions

Problems Addressed include Trauma Symptoms, Family of Origin issues, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Grief & Loss, Relationship problems, Family problems, Mood-regulation, OCD symptoms, and Life change.